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EKUA Mecca

“Through my Sankofa Rites of Passage journey, I have learned that healing is ongoing and now I have concrete tools to balance my life. I have learned that “trusting the process” is just another term for having faith of things unseen. Also, I learned that you have to work on yourself every day, not just when you get to a breaking point.  You have to constantly check-in with yourself to see if you are okay. I’ve learned that I am a victorious conquer and nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up!!”

ABA Yolanda

"Sankofa has been a life changing journey.  Dr. Phoenix has provided me with tools to assist me in manifesting a life of Peace, Prosperity and Productivity.  This class has been instrumental in regards to me growing and healing old wounds that prevented me for soaring to new heights.  It not helps you but it helps you renew your compassion so that if you choose you can guide others along the way.  Sankofa is the gateway to a new you!"

Adjua Regina

“My Sankofa Rites of passage experience allowed me to take a long look at my life journey and to release some old pain, fear and shadow thinking that was holding me in a certain pattern.  After this experience I received so much positive abundance, restoration, and overall love and friendship from my Sankofa sisters that still continues today. If you are called to this experience, answer the call and you will be blessed!”

Ama Celestine

"Before the Sankofa process, I had already started "working" on me. In fact, I had read the books, listen to the audio CDs, watched Oprah and the self help movies, done the written exercises and surveys. I felt like I "knew" The Secret, and had moved pass my past. However, I am glad that I opened myself up to the Sankofa process and accepted the blessings that it offered.  Also, I've learned that simple things like the colors that I put on and in my body have a direct affect on how I feel. Thank you for  your life purpose and using it to allow me to grow closer to my purpose."

Airies D

"The Sankofa Rites of Passage course brought to me renewed life. I was able to draw from past experiences in order to heal and move into future growth experiences.  I consider myself still in construction. 


However, the Rights class was able to lay down a strong foundation.  Thank you Dr. Phoenix for your leadership. "

Dr. T

“Sankofa Rites of Passage w/ Dr. Phoenix teaches that we must go back to our roots in order to move forward. That is, we should reach back and gather the best of what our past has to teach us, so that we can achieve our full potential as we move FORWARD.


Whatever we have lost, forgotten, forgone or been stripped of, can be reclaimed, revived, preserved, and perpetuated. Returning to the source (to return from whence one comes) this is the Sankofa Rites of Passage experience.”

Esi Ngonzi

"During this 10-week Sankofa Rites of Passage Program, I have learned to re-identify who I am & my divine life purpose. When I started this program, I was dealing with racism at school, losing my hour to foreclosure and almost every relationship was in turmoil. I know that there are no mistakes in life & I must maintain who I am despite what others do. Thanks Dr. Phoenix for taking us through this healing process.  I am on my way to being free & living my dreams so others can live theirs.."

Kwame David

"Going through the sankofa process was a great way for me to research and learn about myself.  It helped me to deal with my mental and emotional bad habits. Sankofa is a great tool to use for knowing yourself.  I would recommend it to teenagers, and adults. Sankofa can help the community as a whole to heal. I really liked learning the meaning of the 7 chakras & 7 passages because it gives me insight to certain aspects of life "

Ama Janet

“I have learned so much during my Sankofa process.  Learning to love myself and establish positive words of affirmation was one of the most valuable lessons. I have been able to heal the hurt in my life and forgive those who hurt me. By doing this, I am completely free.  For a long time, I have been struggling with self-acceptance, rejecting some characteristics of myself. Sankofa has taught me to fully accept all of me. Because of Sankofa, I tell myself “I love you” everyday.

Abena Pettis

Thank you so much for your loving words Dr. Phoenix, your energy was the propelling force that motivated us all, thank you for being you and setting the awesome example of what a strong authentic and love filled and spiritually filled woman looks and behaves like.
I made many new revelations throughout the Sankofa process, I was able to find my voice and the confidence and permission from God to use it. Although as I processed through, I realized that I was operating from my Orphan archetype throughout the process, i was also encouraged and assisted by using the higher level orphan who was determined to gain the support of the group to fight against the illusion of fear and doubt.


Adjua Heather

"I guess the feeling that I have is what is meant by "My Cup Runneth Over" because I was full from the process alone and I did not expect to receive much more from the ceremony because I thought I had gotten what I needed and expected.  To my surprise, I received much more through the ceremony from my Sisters and their families as well as my own family.  My cup truly runneth over!!! Thank you all for your love and support."

Adjua (Monday Child)

Wow! I don't know where to start. The Sankofa ceremony was totally totally awesome! Words can not describe the emotions or feelings I received. I had NO idea or clue how the ceremony would turn out & to my surprise, like so many of us...God was in the Midst. 

The responses I received from my family & friends were overwhelming. They received a true blessing by being present. They were astound as I was with the end result. 

I have such a HUGE respect for my Mkungas & a different prospective for each of you & especially with the Rites of Passage process. 

Thank you guys for removing your mask & allowing me to become naked in front of my sistas.


You didn't judge me, but you encouraged me, rubbed my back & you held my hand. I Love you for all that you are. 

Ekua Lectric

I am so grateful for the opportunity and the experience.  The ceremony was much more than I anticipated.


 I am thankful because my heart and mind, because of our SANKOFA process, are more open for new and even different.

Thank you my SIMSA/SANKOFA sisters for trusting me and for the safety I have in your arms.  Thank you Dr. Phoenix for your firm yet gentle guidance through this journey!

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