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Phoenix Life Solutions, LLC

Offers holistic support in balancing your life’s journey professionally and personally!


PLS  supports the community in balancing out their lives with harmonizing emotional wellness services such as healing and peacemaking circles, team-building & accountability, Leadership skills, parent engagement workshops, Sankofa rites of passage for adults and children, social-emotional learning for Teachers, parents, and students, stress reduction activities, Yoga, breathing, meditation and more. Also, PLS provides products such as sea moss, scented shea butter, black seed oil, sage, palo santo,  knitted & crocheted ponchos, scarves, leg & arm warmers, and more.         

PLS works with parents, adults, youth, teachers, and community members at schools, community based agencies, churches, corporations, and other city departments.



  • Our holistic solutions are centered on healing the root causes of the issues

  • Our holistic solutions are active engagements

  • Our holistic solutions are centered around teamwork, skits, and partnering activities

  • Our holistic solutions are inclusive of the participant's needs and tailored to fit the work or community environment

Social-Emotional Learning: Support mental& emotional health issues, de-escalate hurt, conflict & trauma. Deliver Restorative conversation & chats, healing, peacemaking & PTSD talking circles along with peer review.

Self-care & Stress Reduction activities & massages: Focuses on self-care from the inside out-- participants learn how to harmonize themselves, family & community as they learn methods to heal themselves. Other services: Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Massage, and Energy work.


Wellness Package: This package consists of a variety of scented Shea butter & a room/body spray that goes from relaxing to energizing.


Sankofa Rites of Passage: This 10-week process helps participants to forgive, release and acknowledge patterns & cycles that hinder them personally & professionally.

  • Develop Curricula

  • Currently 3 schools, market to more schools and community-based organizations


Holistic curricula consist of Rites of Passage, Mental health, and Restorative Practices

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