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The way YOU feel matters, NOW!

Phoenix Life Solutions offers many methods of self-care and holistic support to balance your life’s journey professionally and personally!​​

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Natural Health Modalities

Chakra Balancing
Herbal Remedies
Sound Therapy
Plant-based Diet
Light Therapy/Color Therapy
Alkaline Food/ Live Food Fasting
Emotional Wellness Consultations
Release Work~Acceptance & Forgiveness exercises



Grant Writing & Strategic Planning

Research Grant opportunities and Identify relevant grants that align with your company's goals and objectivies

Create a comprehensive project plan that outlines the goals, activities, timelines and 
expected outcomes of the proposed project.

Develop an evaluation framework to track progress and measure impact

Collaboration and Partnership Building~Identifying community stakeholders and academic institutions

Budget Development

Vision and Mission development
Swot Analysis

Develop action plans for implementing strategic initiatives

Stakeholder engagement



Trauma Informed Care & Healing Centered Activities

 Training and education on Restorative Practices & Trauma Inform care 
Supportive, compassionate and non-judgmental staff
Restorative Chats, small groups, peace-making and healing circles
Trauma specific interventions and natural 
Culturally sensitive and inclusive practices
Continuous evaluation and improvement of trauma-informed practices
Create a safe and supportive environment for healing-centered activities
Promoting resilience in individuals and communities

Build trust through consistent and reliable interactions
Addressing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of healing
Yoga Retreat

Special Events, Workshops & Organizational Retreats (day or overnight)

Design and create content that is  engaging, interactive and aligned with purpose of event or retreat

Define clear objectives and goal for the special event or retreat

Plan and coordinate all aspects of the event

Incorporate team-building activities, small group exercises and opportunities for collaboration to enhance relationships and foster a sense of unity among participants 

Emotional Wellness and Social Emotional Learning

Developing the self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills.

This program supports children and adults with  mental and  emotional health issues, de-escalates hurt, conflict & trauma. Our Staff delivers restorative conversation & chats, and healing, peacemaking & PTSD talking circles along with peer review. Participants learn to develop positive coping skills.


Corporate Wellness Packages and Stress Reduction

Relax & Release

Focuses on self -care from the inside out-- participants learn how to harmonize themselves, family & community as they learn diverse methods to heal themselves. Our Wellness Package consists of a variety of scented shea butter & a room/body spray that goes from relaxing to energizing.


Sankofa Rites of Passage

"It is not taboo to go back for what you forgot (or left behind)"

This 10-28 week self- discovery process helps participants to forgive, release and acknowledge negative  patterns & cycles that hinder them personally & professionally. Participants discover their life purpose as they work on their dreams. Our Holistic curriculum  consist of the 7 passages of the Rites of Passage, Mental & Emotional wellness exercises, and Restorative Practices to heal the traumas from our past and move forward in the present and future.

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