We also have crystals that we mined  for sale from our travels to Arkansas & Arizona and other holistic products such as white sage, palo santo and sea moss for sale too. If you would like to purchase any item please see the prices below and give me a call or text at 312-437-0796.

Sea Moss




Sea Moss Vegan Cakes



Chocolate, Lemon lime, Berries and Peach, Pineapple, Strawberry cream, Assorted Berries, Caramel, Sweet potato, Banana Cream. 

Or you can create your own flavor!

Here’s what people are saying about Dr. Phoenix’s Sea moss Cakes:


The sea moss cakes are deliciously sweet and fruity! Also, I felt a burst of energy that lasted a while after eating it!!

~ Zen Frankie


As a 6ft 5 inch, 300lb Lineman at Kent State University, I need healthy foods that give me energy.

Plus, I love the taste and how soft these snacks are.

~ Elijah Lamptey

I simply never knew a vegan dessert could taste so good and its alkaline made with Sea moss!

~ Malik

My daughter was upset that she didn’t have her own cake in a jar. I absolutely love these sea moss cake flavor

.~ Saidia

This was the most delicious healthy cake we have EVER had! Cant wait to get more!

.~ Melinda

Get a FREE 8oz sea moss cake with any order for the remainder of May.


We make 2 to 3 flavors a week, so call and place your order.  


We sold out within a few hours the first week!  

Thank you for your support!

 For Other Catered vegan alkaline specialty dishes including:




Italian and Asian

Please call me at 312-437-0796.

Sea Moss




Knitwear Products

Various prices for tailored




ponchos etc.

Chicago, IL  312-437-0796

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