Nutritional Education

Selecting alkaline foods that help to balance & energize your body.

Cultural Immersion

Sharing love & compassion for all cultures-understanding differences & highlighting similarities

Herbal & Homeopathic Remedies

Sharing ancient honored remedies

Chakra Balancing

Aligning and healing organs with electromagnetic energy.

Color & Aroma Therapy

Identifying shades and scents that will enhance the healing.

Massage & Reiki

Using reduction modalities to relieve mental, emotional and physical stress.

Yoga & Meditation

Learning how to quiet your mind and strengthen your body.

Breathing & Stretching Exercises

Aligning and healing organs with electromagnetic energy.

Lifestyle Assessments

Discovering your story and physical body history

Talking, Healing & Peace Circles

Gathering and listening to our community’s voice & peacefully resolving our issues

Emotional Health & Wellness Management

Understanding your emotional guidance system –alignment.

Martial Art

Tai chi and capoeira brings self-discipline and focus.

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