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Sankofa Rites of Passage (SRP) is an educational, cultural and holistic course for developing self-awareness, self-worth, self-determination and self-love amongst children and adults. This process helps participants discover who they are and what they have come into this world to do. If we know who we are, and what we have come into this world to do, we will be able to access the ever-present energy, knowledge and resources we need to fulfill our destiny.  The holistic process supports students in addressing childhood trauma and insures successful entry into new life situations that accelerates growth in various stages of development and assists in successful resolution of disturbing life crisis.


The SRP process is tailored-fit for specific groups to journey through the 7 passages of life.  Sankofa is a Ghanaian concept that means ‘to go back to the past to go forward” so no matter the age of the participant, everyone goes back in time and begins the course a year before they were born (Pre-passage), within the womb of the mother to understand their divine purpose in life.  Also, we call this the historical passage - understanding what was going on in the world in a specific year and time that was calling the participants presence on earth. During this passage, there is a lot of communication with the mother and father to understand what was going on in their life. Family members may express generational hurts, crisis, and issues such as abandonment or drugs. The 1st passage is the infancy passage that takes place from birth-4years old; the mother helps the infant by building a strong, healthy body. The 2nd passage is childhood from ages 5-7 years old; the child begins to mature and begins to recognize the effect the environment has on them. The 3rd passage is the pubescent passage that takes place from 8-11 years old. The 4th passage is the adolescent passage from ages 12-17. The 5th passage begins Adulthood for ages 18-29 years old. The 6th passage is divided into 6a passage, adult midlife ages 30-50 years old and 6b passage, Adult Mastery ages 50-65 years old. The 7th passage is the Elder-hood passage, which is 65 plus years of age. What ever the age of the participant is, they will complete all 7 passages and identify helpers, enemies and tricksters. For example a 13 year old in the 4th passage will project their 5th, 6th & 7th passages based on their goals, dreams and aspirations.


The participants journal throughout the process and engage in partner and team building activities such as building the tower, peacemaking circles, releasing & forgiveness exercises, affirmations, goal-setting, writing self-love and appreciation letters. Their final project is writing their life story according to the 7 passages & the matrices. The matrix consists of energy, safety and possibility that are needed in each passage to heal. We know that children begin at an early age to discover a sense of their purpose in life, an awareness that fosters dignity, wonder and achievement.

------------  Dr. Pamela Charity Phoenix, Phoenix Diverse Holistics Collaborative

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