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Remote Learning

During this time of  increased remote, Phoenix Life Solutions is delivering workshops to CPS parents, staff and the community. Some of the workshops have been directly related to the stress, anxiety and depression due to the coronavirus pandemic and other workshops are about self-care, restorative practices, trauma, mental/emotional wellness and holistic nutrition lifestyle.


If you are interested in any of these remote services for individuals or small groups  please contact Dr. Phoenix at 312-437-0796

Our 60 to 90 minute Remote learning sessions:
Self-care & Social Emotional Learning

Social emotional learning, self-care, resiliency and living peacefully by honoring yourself with healing centered activities- developing positive coping mechanisms and creating a space for healing the emotions for parents and children.

Restorative Practices

Understand a range of  restorative strategies you can use every day in de-escalating stress and trauma. You will learn about Restorative practices & Restorative Justice similarities and differences, and how to utilize it as a prevention tool. You will practice how to provide direct feedback and how to ask questions that foster accountability. Also, you will learn the most effective methods to resolve common conflicts and how to facilitate a peacemaking circle.


Trauma-informed care, chair Yoga, breathing exercises for stress reduction & teacher/parent/child interaction. Chakra balancing, Reiki and Color-therapy to remedy stress for parents. Parents are exposed to external and internal safety issues and continue to be faced with traumas in their immediate families and communities.

Mental/Emotional Wellness

Understanding the vibration and frequency among the individual and in the  home that can affect the community, school and professional life. Participants learn how to mentally and emotionally support themselves from chaos to clarity by building self-worth; honoring their emotions, understanding their emotional triggers and learning to balance and align social life and professional life.

Holistic Nutrition Lifestyle

Become more comfortable in using herbs to support your immune system and season your food.  Learn how to select alkaline foods that help to balance and energize your body.

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