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Social Emotional Learning

This program supports children and adults with  mental and  emotional health issues, de-escalates hurt, conflict & trauma. Our Staff delivers restorative conversation & chats, and healing, peacemaking & PTSD talking circles along with peer review. Participants learn to develop positive coping skills.More Info


Sankofa Rites of Passage

This 10-28 week self- discovery process helps participants to forgive, release and acknowledge negative  patterns & cycles that hinder them personally & professionally. Participants discover their life purpose as they work on their dreams. Our Holistic curriculum  consist of the 7 passages of the Rites of Passage, Mental & Emotional wellness exercises, and Restorative Practices to heal the traumas from our past and move forward in the present and future. More Info


Stress Reduction

Focuses on self -care from the inside out-- participants learn how to harmonize themselves, family & community as they learn diverse methods to heal themselves. Our Wellness Package consists of a variety of scented shea butter & a room/body spray that goes from relaxing to energizing. More Info

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